How does fulfillment work?

Michigan Marching utilizes a third-party organization, Printful, to create the apparel for sale on this site. Printful keeps the stock inventory of blank apparel items and either direct-to-garment prints (like an inkjet printer) or embroiders the design to the item.

Printful also handles the shipping of the apparel items to you direct to you.

If you’ve ordered an enamel pin or pin accessories, those are coming from Michigan Marching themselves (based in Michigan) and will ship separate from any apparel order.

Why do my clothes smell like vinegar?

Items printed with direct-to-garment printing have a distinct vinegar smell due to the printing process. This is true with all direct-to-garment printers we have encountered. A quick wash will eliminate this smell – although it it highly recommended to wash the apparel inside out to protect the design for as long as possible (This is actually recommended for all graphic shirts, regardless of where they were purchased).

I ordered too many! Can I get that fixed?

As long as you catch your mistake quickly, we can change any apparel order before it has gone to fulfillment. Contact us immediately for the best change of change.

Fulfillment times vary, and may happen the same day or may take a day or two. This is out of our control, and is set by the manufacturer. Once fulfilled, there may not be much that we can do to cancel the items. Contact us and we can explore further options.

How long will it take to get my items?

Delivery to you of your items depends on several factors. First: fulfillment. This on average takes 1-3 business days. Embroidered items and hooded sweatshirts appear to take longer than simple tee-shirts.

Secondly: shipping speeds. Printful handles the shipping and determines the best course of shipping – this might be USPS, UPS, FedEx, or alternative shipping channels. Printful ships US-based orders from their North Carolina fulfillment center, and shipping time/speeds will be determined from there.

Can I return my item?

Unfortunately, as each apparel item is printed on-demand, returns may not be possible. Contact us with the issue, and we will work to determine a solution.

For apparel: If you received the wrong item ordered, or there was an major issue in the printing, we will work with you and Printful to determine a solution. For options due to ill-fit (but correct item sent) or no longer desired, we may not be able to assist [but contact us first!].

For enamel pins, an exchange may be possible if there was damage to the item during shipping. Prior to shipping, we assess every item and ensure its quality – but cannot assure what happens while it travels to you.

What is School Apparel Access?

Michigan Marching has started a new service through its online shop – providing music programs with an apparel store. Through this program, Michigan Marching provides the hosting space and order fulfillment of music program-related apparel (marching band show apparel, general program attire). This service is offered no-cost to the music program: the music program does not have to go into the apparel inventory process. There is no need for boosters to have to do a pre-payment bulk order, or to accidentally over-order items.

Michigan Marching is not a non-profit, and we do earn a small profit on each item. We keep our profit margins low to ensure affordable clothing to the music community, but also that we are making enough profit to cover production costs. Due to our for-profit status, purchased items will be charged sales tax.