We at Michigan Marching hope that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase(s). We understand that some factors are out of our control, and products may need to be considered for return or replacement.

On any printed material (apparel/clothing, posters, various home accessories: mugs, totes, etc.), we cannot offer a refund. These are printed on-demand by a third-party supplier. Many custom-print services do not offer refund options.

However, if the product differs from what you ordered (for instance: if the manufacturer chose the wrong colored shirt, or you ordered a Large and they sent a Medium) or arrives severely damaged, please contact us and we will work to have the supplier rectify the issue.

For enamel pins, we understand that production quality may vary from pin to pin. We hand package and ship the enamel pins and will verify that only high-quality pins are shipped. In the event that an enamel pin shipment arrives to you damaged, please contact us so we can replace the pin.

We know, all too well, about buyer’s remorse, and while we would love for you to purchase from us — if you’re not 100% convinced you want what you are considering purchasing, please don’t. We do not want anybody to be unhappy for any reason!